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Wholesale Packaging Ltd. provides moving boxes and moving supplies

We provide moving & supplies boxes and always try to meet our customers expectations, ship every order with speed & accuracy.

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Moving Boxes Toronto

Wholesale Packaging Ltd. provides moving boxes and moving supplies to our Canadian customers. We always try to meet our customers expectations and ship every order of moving boxes and moving supplies with speed and accuracy.

We are happy to offer the finest quality and best selection of products & deliver orders over $100 for FREE! . We believe good service is worrying about the details so our customers do not have to.

We stock many different size new and recycled boxes. We have everything you need to keep your move organized: plastic bags, packing paper, labels, tape, bubble wrap and even a marker.

We sell only professional grade moving boxes that are appropriate size and construction. Now you can have the same moving supplies the professionals use at competitive prices.

Different Kinds of Boxes For Different Packing Needs

Boxshop brings you high quality boxes for all your packing needs. The boxes are made with high quality materials so you can be assured that your valuables will be protected. Have a look and see which of these boxes fit your needs:

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All You Need to Know About Managing Your Moving Boxes

Are you planning to move soon? If you answered yes to that question, the tips in this article can make your life easier and less stressful. This article will focus on how to manage your moving boxes so that you don’t face any problems while moving out or...

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Must-Have Packing Supplies for a House Move

Packing and moving can be tiring, but with the right tools the whole process can be made easier. Many people do not want to spend extra money in buying moving supplies. However, instead of reducing expenses, it can increase the costs in case of damage due...

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Don’t Forget to Use Cardboard Boxes on Your Next Move!

If you’re someone who has to move home a lot because of your job or for any other reason, you must’ve tried packing your things up in cardboard boxes. If you haven’t, then you just don’t know the level of convenience they provide. Corrugated cardboard...

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Moving Box: Why Shop For Them at BoxShop?

Relocating, commercially or residentially is an activity people around the world undertake quite frequently. According to some surveys, 28% people in Canada feel an urge to move every five years while 14% feel like moving every year. The moving industry...

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Different Types of Boxes You Should Know About

Difference among Various Types of Boxes and their Uses Big boxes for electronics, like TV, and small boxes for keeping books and toys – but boxes are just boxes, right? They serve the purpose of a container to store items, so there shouldn’t be much of...

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5 Kinds of Bubble Wrap You Need to Know About

5 Kinds of Bubble Wrap You Need to Know About That semi-clear plastic that comes with the item you bought online and has tiny bubbles in it that you love to pop is called a bubble wrap. This plastic is a layer of protection that covers your fragile online orders to...

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Secure Your Valuables In A Durable Storage Box

Relocation seems to be one of the constant things in life. Moving from one place to another for whatever reason seems to be a rite of passage for most people. Whether it be moving from your home to your college or moving from your former apartment to a newer, more...

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