Keep your Fragile Items from Breaking using these Clever Packing Tips

fragile-moving-tipsFragile items, often times, have significant sentimental or monetary value. That is why you need to give special attention to your fragile items when you are packing your belongings to move. You need to use packing materials that will protect them from bumps, shocks, jiggling, or vibrations of any kind. For this purpose, you should use certain packing techniques to ensure your breakables don’t bounce around, withstand impact when moved by cart or hand, and can be stacked in a moving truck or put inside the trunk of a car.

Different fragile items require different packing methods to protect them from damage. People mostly use blankets, towels, and soft clothes, like sweaters, thinking that they will serve as a cushion, while saving space for putting other stuff and money for buying extra boxes. However, these types of cost-cutting practices are penny wise and pound foolish, leaving the fragile items at a lesser chance of surviving the move.

Useful Tips for Packing Fragile Items

To ensure your fragile items stay safe and in one piece, here are some clever packaging tips that will definitely come handy when you are moving.

Choose the Right Packaging Materials

In order to protect your fragile items, you should invest in packing materials that have high cushioning ability to sustain shocks and vibrations. Packing materials that you should have include:

Moving Boxes

Make sure they are heavy duty, have a strong base, and still have considerable shelf life left.

Polystyrene Structures

They are made to fit around certain objects to keep them in place.

Corrugated Fibreboard

These are specifically designed to provide structured cushioning to delicate objects.

Packaging Peanuts/Loose Fill

They will help in filling spaces between the items and ensure they don’t move from their position.

Heavy Grade Paper

It is used for wrapping objects or be stuffed inside a box.

Bubble Wrap

High-quality bubble wraps are easy to use and great for keeping fragile items safe.
P.S. Resist the temptation of popping them, or else they will be useless.

Leave no Empty Space in the Boxes

Empty spaces are the worst enemies of your fragile pieces. They give your treasures room to jiggle around and crash into one another, causing them to crack and break. However, this doesn’t mean you start shoving more items into the box. Instead, use packaging peanuts, bubble wraps and old newspapers to fill those empty spaces. If possible, use little cardboard dividers to create separate compartments and prevent them from colliding.

Each Item Should be Wrapped Separately

Fill or wrap each fragile item with bubble wraps and paper, and pack them separately. Never pack two items together. Since each of them are made of a different material and one may be delicate than the other, it is essential that they are packed individually to protect them from clashing or rubbing against each other.

Label your Boxes

You need to label the boxes containing fragile items with a thick marker. It should say “fragile” or “handle with care” on top and each of the four sides. Don’t be shy to write as many times as you think is necessary to ensure your movers clearly understand that these boxes must be carried carefully.
Lastly, you need to communicate with your movers about the boxes containing fragile items so that they take extra care when putting them in the moving truck, and at the time of unloading.

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