Not all your things should be packed in big moving boxes for storage or for moving to another location. There some items that are best packed in smaller, more compact cardboard boxes. These small moving boxes are some of the best for the job. They are made out of light yet durable cardboard materials ensuring that the things that you put inside of them are safe and secure.

Let movers pack big items with big moving box as they are professional and know how to secure your belongings, if you pack your stuff with big carton, and not tighten up enough, there is big chance of damage during moving.

Once your moving day is close, purchase strong small moving box and ask the movers to pack your furniture with their packing supplies.

There are three sizes of small moving boxes from Boxshop:

1.5 Cube Box – 16″x13″x13″ – these boxes are meant to keep smaller items that could not be properly packed along with bigger items. Fragile items like drinking glasses or figurines can be packed in these boxes. These boxes cost $1.71 per piece.

2.0 Cube Box – 18″x15″x12″ – these boxes are great for packing your office and school supplies. This is perfect for those who are relocating their offices or for students moving their things to their college dormitory. The price of these boxes is $2.12 each.

3.0 Cube Box – 18″x18″x16″ – these boxes can snuggly fit several throw pillows or perhaps even small electronic gadgets like gaming consoles and cartridges and portable radios. These can be bought for $2.93 each.

These boxes can easily be folded up and stored or reused when you take your items out of them. They can also be stacked on top of each other for storage. Just make sure that the heavier items are at the bottom and the small moving boxes with the fragile items are securely stacked on top.

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