Moving boxes are essential when not just when you are transferring your stuff to another location but also even when you just need to store them in your home or in a storage facility. Big cardboard boxes are great options as they are affordable, lightweight, durable, and easy enough to manage.
Boxshop has three sizes of big moving boxes to suit all your storage needs:

4.0 Cube Boxes

18” x 18” x 21” – These are big enough to fit a number of items up to about 65 pounds in weight. Some of the items that can easily be packed in these boxes are small home décor, tablecloths and runners, pot holders, and dishcloths. These boxes are available at Boxshop store to purchase.

5.0 Cube Boxes

18” x 18” x 27” – Slightly bigger than the 4.0 Cube Boxes, these boxes can accommodate items like throw pillows, standard pillows, blankets, comforters, and curtains.

6.0 Cube boxes

20” x 20” x 26” – This is the biggest sized box in this category. These boxes have room for small kitchen appliances like blenders, food processors, coffee makers, and even pots and pans. They are affordable at Boxshop store

These big moving boxes are highly recommended for your moving and storage needs. If you are packing odd shaped items, remember to use bubble wrap or polyfoam sheets to protect them and keep them from moving around in the boxes especially if they are going to be transported.

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