How to Choose Your Mover

According to reliable movers Toronto, finding the right mover in Toronto should not be difficult. However, you might experience some difficulty in screening and choosing. Here are some tips that can help you.

Search online

You can make use of any major search engine like Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Moving company advertisements can also be found on Google Plus, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Search around your neighborhood

The good thing about this is you start only with a few movers like three or four companies near your place. Get in touch and talk to each of them. Get quotes, and evaluate and compare their prices and offerings. Give them a list of items that you need moved in advance so that the quotes you will receive will reflect the prices they expect you to pay. If you think you need more options, just hit the road again and talk to two or three companies more.

Don’t focus too much on the price

Avoid focusing solely on the rates or prices of services offered. There are other equally important things to consider such as licenses(BBB, CAM, WSIB…), the length of time they’ve been in operation, tax registration, branch network, equipment, etc.

Make sure the company you are talking with is the one doing the actual move

It may sound strange to you, but yes, some companies hire another contractor to do portions of a project or the whole of it, depending on the particular case. If this happens to your move, there can only be one conclusion: your things are going to pass through several hands and they might get broken or, or mishandled, or worse, stolen during the move.

When choosing a company, choose very carefully, and choose only after doing a thorough research on the company of your choice. If you have questions, feel free to call moving companies or give them a visit. They operate during normal business hours. Plus, go online and check for movers Toronto reviews for more guidance.

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