The Boxshop was a divine connection. Time was closing in and getting a moving box supplier for Nottingham Public School’s 5th Annual Joy to 2 the World charity campaign didn’t look like it was going to happen. Just weeks before the school would close for the Christmas holidays, campaign organizer and teacher Racquel didn’t know what to do. Many in the community at Nottingham Public School were eager to extend their generosity and kindness. However, having boxes to help them do so is a crucial part of the process.

boxshop donated to JOY 2 THE WORLD

Each year the public school sends boxes of gifts, donations and even some relief packages to impoverished orphans and children around the world. Their previous Joy 2 The World campaigns have extended to the regions of Haiti, Mexico, Honduras and Ukraine. This year’s efforts were focused on the Chennai Flood victims of South India. This recent flood was a costly natural disaster. Nottingham Public School wanted to spread some joy to the children who were impacted.

boxshop, donated moving boxes FLOOD IN INDIA

Each year, this school prepares gift boxes that include personal hygiene items such as: toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap. They also include stationery items such as pencils, erasers, notebooks and colouring books. Small toys are accepted as well, along with personal letters of hope from the students. Some even decide to send a smile by including a photo. Students can choose the age and gender of the child for whom their gift box would be best suited. They label their box accordingly and fill it with love! Families also include a small financial contribution at the top of the box to help with the shipping expenses. Keeping up the yearly charitable tradition is important to many of the kind-hearted families, staff and students at Nottingham Public School. Racquel was concerned that the generosity of the community would be circumvented because they were without boxes. Last year’s previous supplier wasn’t able to assist this year. She was seeking a moving supplier but wasn’t sure of who to call.

moving-box donation
moving box donations

Racquel called a few moving suppliers. Despite the charitable purpose for the boxes, she received high-priced quotes in response to her last minute request for help. Her intuition led her to call the Boxshop. This call made all the difference to us. Once the details of the campaign were shared with Boxshop owner Mike Robbins, he immediately felt inclined to make a donation of 660 moving boxes valued at over $1500. The moving boxes were delivered to the school the next day and just like that, Boxshop was able to make a difference for such a worthy cause.

If you would like to help, please visit this site, so that we all can make a bigger difference together.

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