old-moving-boxWhen talking about moving, boxes are important items that should be prepared before your moving day. The packaging boxes will make stuff to be well packed and make the moving process easier for movers.

Moving boxes come in various types and sizes for a different function of packing, it is important to know each type and size to pack the stuff neat and safe for success move.

I moved from Montreal to Toronto recently and I would like to tell you to avoid used moving boxes for your move.
These reasons will make you think twice if you are willing to save some bucks by getting boxes from stores or shipping offices. Below are the my reasons to spend money on good quality and strong boxes:

Used moving boxes are less strong

Packing belongings for moving needs strong moving boxes to make sure that the items are well packed and safe. Using used boxes will raise the chance of finding your belongings broken during the move.
This is because used moving boxes are less strong and they have less integrity making them easy to tear. You will never know how the boxes were used before.
They could have been kicked, tossed and bounced for several times or used to carry chemical stuff. Although used boxes for moving are pretty cheap or even free, this is not worth the price if your belongings are broken.

Used moving boxes are dirty & dusty

Dirty and dusty are absolute disadvantages of used boxes that you will find. Moreover, these boxes have been used for shipping or moving before. They might be kept in unhealthy places or muddy storages. Stains such as oil spots or gum can be stick on the boxes and they can be transferred to your belongings once you used them. For me, it is very disadvantageous that I will never use such boxes for my move.

Used moving boxes are available in random size

If you are looking for used boxes, you will find that the size of the boxes might be too small or too big for your requirement. You have a very limited option when it comes to the size of the boxes. Packing belongings in unsuitable boxes are dangerous for the items inside. You should use the proper size to give you the easiness during the packing and unpacking process as well as the moving process.


Finally, after reading this, you will reconsider using used boxes for your move because it has more disadvantages than the advantages. I highly recommend you to pick new moving boxes to give you easiness and more advantages during your moving process. You will find various options for new boxes that you need in online moving boxes store here.

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