Relocating, commercially or residentially is an activity people around the world undertake quite frequently. According to some surveys, 28% people in Canada feel an urge to move every five years while 14% feel like moving every year. The moving industry generates annual revenues of around $2 billion in the country and despite the technological advancements of the 21st century; boxes are still primary sources for storing and transporting contents of a house from one place to another.

The hassle of procuring moving boxes

There are a large number of things around the house that don’t originally come in a box or those that come in boxes most people throw away considering them useless. When it comes time to relocate, however, transporting these things can be quite a problem. Delicate vases, lamps, decoration pieces etc., have to be put between layers of some sort of protection so that they don’t break during transit.

Most moving box company providers only cater to large orders of over 10 or 20 boxes but there might be cases when a person might not require such a huge quantity. Furthermore, a set might only consist of boxes of the same size and well frankly, not everyone wants that! Smaller houses or a single person moving to a new place wouldn’t have enough items to fit all those boxes and even if they buy that many, people don’t relocate every day and it’s not like you’ll be able to use them anytime soon.

This becomes quite a problem in certain situations with customers probably in a frenzy asking relatives and colleagues in order to borrow some moving boxes. This might not always be a viable solution at times either. This is where Boxshop steps in!

The advantages of shopping at Boxshop

Boxshop provides solutions to people looking to free themselves from the liability of bulk buying moving boxes that they might not require:

  1. Purchase separate cartons: One of the biggest distinguishing features for boxshop is that they allow customers the freedom to purchase even a single box with no bulk buying limitations. Even with bulk orders, it is possible to opt for a variety of different sizes in the same bundle allowing you to pack for your relocation much easily.
  2. Boxes and packing material for everything: From picture frames to bed sheets and blankets, from wraps to protective materials, Boxshop provides everything under one roof and customers are spoilt for choice.
  • Moving boxes and all related accessories: Boxshop’s enormous product portfolio houses not only packing materials but tapes, plastic bags and dollies that allow you to purchase all your requirements for packing and moving under one roof.

The ability to purchase moving boxes in different sizes without the hard and fast rules of buying them in bulk is a practical and effective solution that caters to the masses. Boxshop pioneers in resolving consumer dilemma of being stuck with unnecessary stuff that creates more problems than it fixes.


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