moving-boxes-torontoMoving day is around the corner and inching closer everyday so you will have to stop procrastinating and start packing now.

Not to worry. These packing Tips will get you prepared and make your move alot easier.

Before you start packing

Start by thinking of what you don’t need and start putting these items aside for garbage pickup, give away for charity or have a garage sale if you have lots of items you don’t need.

Depending on the size of your home you most likely wont be able to unpack everything in one day so pack all your essentials in a box for the first night in your new home and carry it with you. Essentials such as plates, utensils, toilet paper flash light, first-aid kit and toiletries for everyone is a good idea to pack aside.

Pack important documents together, such as birth and marriage certificates, and keep them in a safe place.

Take a look at each room including the living room and make an estimate of how many boxes you require and get them well in advance. Purchase new boxes and avoid using used boxes for moving because they are usually infested with insects and not strong enough for your belongings.

Pack one room at a time and label each box on all sides top and bottom and the room to which it belongs and keep all the boxes for each room together in order to save time when unpacking.

Start saving old newspaper for lining boxes and purchase corrugated cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes to accommodate you belongs. Limit the weight of each box. Use smaller boxes for heavy items and remember to bend you knees when you lift.

All breakable items should be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a box by themselves.

Next check with your insurance company to make sure they cover damage and breakages during the move.

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