Our sturdy, reinforced boxes can stand the rigours of moving and are available at discount prices.4 Cube Box

Small Moving Boxes – Our small moving boxes are ideal for small items like books, CD’s, canned goods, records, tools, videos, small appliances, toiletries, or kitchen items.

Medium Moving Boxes – Our medium moving boxes are great for most of the belongings you’ll be moving such as Kitchen items, linens, toys, clothes, appliances, and much more.

Large Moving Boxes – Our large moving boxes are great for lampshades, clothes, toys, kitchen items and oversize items.

Extra Large Moving Boxes – These boxes are great for moving or storing larger household items such as pillows, blankets, comforters, bulky clothes, lamp shades, and any other large and light items. These boxes are BIG so remember not to make them too heavy.

Wardrobe Moving Boxes – These boxes are great for packing or storing all of your hanging clothes. When unfolded, it becomes a large portable closet. Our Heavy Duty Wardrobe boxes will protect your clothes while they are stored during your move and are stronger then normal moving boxes and comes with its own metal bar.

Mirror and Picture Boxes – The Mirror and Picture moving boxes are a must for most living and family rooms. If you have artwork, photographs, mirrors, or any wall item these are a great way to make sure they arrive in mint condition.

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