Bubble Cushioning

Bubble wrap offers perfect protection for all your fragile items — glassware, vases and all other valuables/collectibles. Lightweight bubble wrap packaging reduces shipping costs. You are going to need plenty of bubble wrap if you want to pack your kitchen or china cabinets.

Bubble wrap

Transporting, moving and storing regular and even irregularly shaped objects need to be secured with the right material that would prevent damage from happening. Bubble wrap is one of the best materials around which would do just that and provide you with tons of bubble popping fun afterward. (Okay, the bubble popping is an unintended – but fun – aftereffect.)

The air filled bubbles in a bubble wrap sheet are evenly spaced which helps it cushion encased materials evenly, preventing uneven pressure from damaging the material inside. The size of the bubbles in the bubble wrap matter because it would also help in keeping the material secure at all times.

Bubble wrap offers several advantages aside from the unintended bubble popping extravaganza. Extra-delicate and fragile items can be wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap to create protection to prevent damage and breakage from happening. Bubble wrap could also reduce the cost of packaging since it is already a secure packaging material on its own. Furthermore, bubble wrap is moisture- and abrasion-resistant, which provides excellent protection for your item. Elastic in nature and made of polyethylene resin, bubble wrap is versatile and is lightweight which also helps in reducing transportation or freight costs. Simply secure the ends of the bubble wrap with the right amount of adhesive tape and your item is secure.

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