Tips for Moving: The Smartest Way to Pack a Closet Faster

Excited as you might be, if you are planning to move, there must be numerous things worrying you at the same time. The documentation required, transportation, packing and unpacking multiple boxes and various other tasks make relocating a labour intensive process. Packing the contents of all of the closets in your home is the last thing you want to worry about when you have many other pressing items to look after, for instance, your furniture and household appliances.
Smart homeowners know that the best way to prepare for a move is to hire a good moving company to complete the heavier burdens, while you focus on the smaller, more manageable chores such as packing a closet for moving.
Read the following guide on how to pack a closet faster and rest assured, you can complete this work in no time.

Know Your Boxes

If you plan to shove all of your clothes in large bags or roll them up in a bundle and transport them along with the furniture in the moving truck or your car, you are setting yourself up for frustration when you arrive at your final destination.. Similarly, folding and keeping clothes in regular boxes is not a good approach because this takes up a lot of space (and your clothes will get very wrinkled). 

So, what is the best way to pack the contents of packing a closet for moving purposes?
Wardrobe boxes are specifically designed for this purpose.

There are two main types of wardrobe boxes to choose from, and we will explain their features and differences below.

Lay Down Wardrobe Boxes

As the name suggests, these boxes are quite long, flat and are designed to easily fit under most beds or other similar places. You can place your folded clothes in small stacks or even lay the clothes down on hangers as these boxes are wide enough to allow them to be placed as is.
These wardrobe boxes are quite versatile as they can be used not just for moving, but also for storing seasonal clothing. They are ideal for either use because they are compact and made from thick cardboard that prevents staining, smells infiltrating the boxes and mould growth.

Wardrobe Boxes with Bar

These type of wardrobe boxes can be further divided into long and short options.
A standard (or long) wardrobe box features a metal bar within the cardboard box so that you can transfer the items directly from your closet with minimal effort. If you have a lot of suits dress pants or other long dresses that can be damaged if folded, then these boxes are the best solution for trouble-free packing. These boxes also have handles at the sides to make them easy to carry.
Alternatively, short wardrobe boxes are smaller in size (but they still have the metal bar), and are a great option for moving and storing skirts, blouses, shirts, jackets and other clothing items.

Useful Tips

To precisely calculate how many wardrobe boxes you will need, divide your current closet into 2-foot segments. This is the number of wardrobe boxes that you need to buy.
Packing all of the clothes you own is not always the best choice.. Consider the weather of the place you are moving to, and discard or donate any extra clothes that are not required in the new climate conditions.

Packing a closet for moving does not have to be difficult, especially when you have the right boxes.. Visit your local supply store or contact a moving company to stock up on durable, affordable wardrobe boxes.

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