If you’re someone who has to move home a lot because of your job or for any other reason, you must’ve tried packing your things up in cardboard boxes. If you haven’t, then you just don’t know the level of convenience they provide. Corrugated cardboard boxes are by far the best type of packaging product because of their lightweight, durability, strength and cost-effectiveness. And they’re recyclable too!

The numerous qualities of cardboard boxes have given this type of packing boxes an edge above plastic ones. They are indeed the packaging product that is used the most to ensure the safe transportation of your valuables. So let’s find out the benefits of using cardboard boxes and why using them when moving home is a wise idea.


The material with which cardboard boxes are made from, like paperboard and corrugated fiberboards, are inexpensive. This makes corrugated cardboard boxes a very affordable option for packaging everything from raw materials to your personal stuff. You can now order these boxes online in various sizes depending on the weight you want to pack. Buying them online further minimizes their cost.


Corrugated cardboard boxes are absolutely eco-friendly. Their production causes minimal pollution because the paper materials they’re made from are recyclable.


If there’s anything that makes moving out or moving in easy, it’s cardboard boxes. You can load, unload and pack your valuables without going through any trouble. Since, these boxes are so light in weight, it’s easy to carry them around or lift them. This also leads to a reduction in operating costs because lesser manual labour is required to handle cardboard boxes.

Custom Design

Cardboard boxes can be designed according to your specifications. This custom packaging may be very useful for those who like to label their boxes. Moreover, if you’re moving out you can get the contents of the box and your contact address printed on it so that they don’t get mixed up with others.


Cardboard boxes are made from a corrugated board that consists of a fluted sheet glued to the liners. These flutes are what provide cushion to the things you pack in these boxes. This feature makes cardboard boxes an ideal choice for packing things you want to keep safe from vibration, mechanical shocks and jerks during transportation. That’s why cardboard boxes are used to pack fragile things like television, sensitive furniture pieces, glassware and much more.

Flexibility & Reuse

Once used, cardboard boxes can be flat packed and stored away to be reused again when needed for various purposes. Some people use them for insulation and some just utilize them for keeping their extra stuff in the garage or attic.

Cardboard boxes are not just used for moving home purposes. They’re widely used in packaging industry and have become an important part of the supply chain these days. Considering the benefits of using cardboard boxes, if you’re looking to buy them for any purpose, then contact Boxshop. Our moving supply company provides small to extra large cardboard boxes all across Canada. Our prices are competitive, and the best thing is that our delivery over $100 is free. We only believe in providing the highest quality and that’s why all our cardboard boxes come with the Boxshop certificate.

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